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High Road Organizers - Street Smart Ways to Curb Car Clutter

High Road TrashStash - first car organizer

High Road Organizers established the car organization category in 1990 with the introduction of the innovative and patented TrashStashâ„¢ litter bag. As pioneers in car organization, we now offer the broadest assortment of car clean-up and containment products available, problem solving every area of the car interior.

We recognize that cars have become an extension of our homes. As a mobile command center - combination shuttle bus, sports locker, snack center and mobile office - the combination of uses while driving creates potential car clutter safety hazards. A bottle, phone or toy can slide under the acceleration or brake pedal. Loose items can become flying projectiles in the event of a sudden stop. And with U.S. commuters averaging 26 minutes one-way and 8% of all workers commuting 60 minutes or longer, creating a safe and comfortable driving experience not only smooths your drive time, but greatly reduces the risk of an accident.

With the average cost of a new car at more than $30,000, whether you're a taxi mom, road warrior, vacationer or daily commuter, protecting your investment with solid performance products that contain, clean, comfort and un-clutter your ride is both street smart and drive wise.

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Talus was established in 1985 by a professor of sculpture, a professor of neurophysiology and a Harvard MBA who combined their skills and talent to bring to market well designed consumer products that deliver good function, comfort, organization and convenience.

Located in Portland, Maine, the Talus mission is to provide friendly and responsive service, to design products with quality and integrity, and to support Talus employees, customers and the local community with honest communication and respect.

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