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High Road Car Organizers in the News

We welcome the opportunity to have all forms of media feature High Road car organizers.

Car organizers make great gift guide recommendations for holiday posts, and are often used in articles that educate consumers on the importance of car safety. Our kids organizers are referenced in articles with tips on how to keep backseat passengers entertained on long road trips, and phone holders and chargers are featured in reports on the need for hands-free solutions for commuters.

De-cluttering the car is as important as cleaning and organizing any room in the home, perhaps more so as loose objects can become projectiles in the event of an accident. And we spend more time in our cars each day than in any single room of the home, increasing the need for car organization.

Educate your readers on the importance of keeping their cars clean, contained and clutter-free today!

In the News:
A sampling of articles and posts featuring High Road products are listed below:


Media Materials:
We offer high resolution photos, videos, catalogs, samples and press releases for use upon request.

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