How to Make Travel Easier with a Universal Travel Adapter

Navigating Foreign Electricity

Navigating Foreign Electricity When You Travel Can Be Complicated

A Universal Travel Adapter makes travel worldwide safe, easy, and cost-effective.

Determining what travel electronics you need is challenging, especially when traveling abroad. Hair dryers, curling irons straightener irons, phones, laptops, and tablets all have different requirements.

How do You Know What is What?

In this blog post, we demystify what you need to travel safely with your electronics. You will learn about solutions including the all-in-one universal travel adapter.

What is the Difference Between Universal Travel Adapters and Universal Power Adapters?

  • A universal travel adapter makes plugs fit into several types of power outlets in different countries.
  • A universal power adapter makes plugs fit into different sockets AND includes features for voltage conversion.

Ready to Upgrade Your Travel Game?

Start Packing Smarter Today!

Ready to Upgrade Your Travel Game?

Start Packing Smarter Today!

Types of Universal Travel Adapters

You will want to research your destination when preparing for a trip. First, check for the power standards. Verify the voltage requirements of your electronic devices and compare them with the voltage used in your destination country.

Pick a universal travel adapter with plugs that fit sockets in your destination countries. But also consider whether your future travel may make a Universal Travel Adapter a better choice than a single-use adapter for your current destination. Also, make sure your USB ports are compatible.

The Role of Universal Power Adapters

Universal power adapters are necessary for travelers and individuals to safely use their electronic devices in regions with different electrical standards. These adapters enable devices to plug into outlets with varying voltages and plug types. Universal power adapters are essential for anyone who travels frequently.

Understanding Global Power Standards

Understanding these standards will let you use your electronic devices safely. Minimize the risk of damage to your devices by knowing what travel adapters and converters to pack.

Outside North America, the electrical current is 220-240 volts. This is different from the 100-120 volts used in the U.S. This means that you will need a converter.

Also, outlets outside North America and parts of the Caribbean are different and will require a plug adapter. Universal travel adapters are easy to pack and will prevent any additional stress while on the road.

Different countries may need different travel plug adapters so check which ones are best for your destination. Choose between the North & South America Plug, United Kingdom Plug, or Europe Plug for your travel needs.

Transform Your Travel Experience!

Embark on Extraordinary Journeys.

Transform Your Travel Experience!

Embark on Extraordinary Journeys.

When Taking a Cell Phone, Tablet or Laptop

Our International Adapter Cube with 1 USB /USB-C Port is perfect for charging devices while traveling. The cube is easy to pack and has three retractable plugs that cover the four (yes 4) main global outlets. 

Smartphones, chargers, and laptops either come with chargers that handle the full voltage range 100-240V or use USB. USB is a universal standard and does not require conversion. All you need is a plug adapter like our International Adapter Cube.

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For Smaller Appliances

For hair dryers, razors, flat irons, or a curling iron with a microchip, make sure that the appliance is dual voltage (100-240 volts). Whether it has a microchip or not, if it is dual voltage, you only need an adapter.

For hair dryers, razors, and curling irons that need US-power 100–120-volt and less than 1875 watts, you need a converter. These devices cannot convert electricity. You will need a Universal Power Adapter, such as our ST-E21 Universal.

Consider Additional Features You May Need.


Compact designs


Voltage conversion capabilities for devices that require different voltage standards


Built-in surge protection for added safety

Final Thought

Universal travel adapters and power adapters are essential accessories for the modern traveler. Adapters make it easy to stay connected and charged up while traveling to different places. You are now ready to choose the most suitable adapter type. Safe Travels!

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