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Talus is proud that its innovations have been awarded many patents and trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.​

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Intellectual Property Guidelines

Talus has a duty and a right to inform the market of our patent, trademark and copyright rights, and we do not hesitate to enforce our rights when necessary and have received injunctions and monetary relief where our rights to intellectual property have been infringed. As part of those efforts, below is a non-exhaustive list of intellectual property rights.

Talus products are covered by one or more of the following registered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries:

  • High Road® U.S. Registration no. 2491403 
  • Smooth Trip® U.S. Registration no. 3337448 
  • TrashStash® U.S. Registration no. 5158703 
  • CarHooks® U.S. Registration no. 5158703 
  • StashAway® U.S. Registration no. 5,954,327 
  • CarCubby® U.S. Registration no. 6,822,427

Talus maintains the following common law trademarks under the High Road brand:

  • AirFlow™ 
  • BackPockets™ 
  • Band-It™ 
  • Carganizer™ ​
  • CarHop™ 
  • CargoCube™ 
  • CargoStash™ 
  • CenterStash™ 
  • Charge'nRide™ 
  • Cool 'n Ride™ 
  • DashDots™ 
  • DriverCup™ 
  • DriverPockets™ 
  • DriverStash™ 
  • ExpandaBin™ 
  • Food'nFun™ 
  • GapStash™ 
  • Gearnormous™ 
  • HoldTight™ 
  • PadPockets™ 
  • PhotoVisor™ 
  • Puff'nStuff™ 
  • SeatPack™ 
  • SeatStash™ 
  • SnackStash™ 
  • StableMate™ 
  • StashCache™ 
  • StuffTop™ 
  • SwingAway™ 
  • TabletPockets™ 
  • TissuePockets™ 
  • TrashStand™ 
  • TrimTrash™ 
  • TuckAway™ 
  • VersaBin™ 
  • VisorStash™ 
  • VisorWrap™ 
  • Wag'nRide™ 
  • ZipFit™

Talus maintains the following common law trademarks under the Smooth Trip brand:

  • AnyDay™
  • AquaPockets™ 
  • BuoyBag™ 
  • ClickCard™ 
  • Hedbed™ 
  • Neat'nFresh™ 
  • QuickPick™
  • SafeGuard™
  • SoftBend™ 
  • SplashSafe™ 
  • Teleport™


Talus products are covered by one or more of the following patents:

  • D602693, DriverPockets Cell Phone Organizer (HR-DPK-103)   
  • D650733, Charger Caddy (HR-DRC-7501) 
  • D658568, Driver Organizer (HR-3509) 
  • D700780, Doggie Organizer (HR-DG-101) 
  • D739338, Ultra DriverCup Cell Phone Organizer (HR-DR-7509) 
  • D782,389, Ultra DriverPockets Cell Phone Organizer (HR-5555) 
  • D770,360, TissuePockets Seat Back Organizer (HR-5539) 
  • D751,262, StableMate Car Trash Bags (ALL STABLEMATE TRASH - HR-5583, HR-5534, HR-5542, HR-TS-1006) 
  • D751,370 S, Contour CarHooks  (HR-5541) 
  • D777,468, Band-it Tissue Holder (HR-3526) 
  • D780,666, PadPockets Seat Back Organizer (HR-5537) 
  • D820,595, StashAway Seat Back Trash Organizer (HR-5568) 
  • D786, 632, Kid's Car Seat Organizer with Cooler 
  • D851,931, Food 'n Fun Compact (HR-6223)
  • D792,517, StashCache Dashboard Phone Stand (HR-5554) 
  • D808,165, Dog Walking Pack (HR-7228) 
  • D822,994, ZipFit Cargo Organizer (HR-5564) 
  • D825,436, StashAway Console Trash Bag (HR-5567) 
  • D838,481, ExpandaBin Trunk Organizer (HR-5565) 
  • D322,498, TrashStash Leakproof Trash Bag (TS-BLACK, HR-5549) 
  • 5,490,623, Puff'nStuff Leakproof Trash Bag with Tissue Dispenser (PS2-BLACK, HR-5550)